Meet Hub

Serving the Travel Industry Since 1994

Relationship Driven

For nearly 25 years HUB has strived to nurture and grow our relationships with our customers and carriers. It didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t always smooth sailing, but by consistently putting our clients first and always remaining servicefirst oriented, we have become an industry leader.

HUB Fare Mission

To provide the best fares and service for travel agents and to enable them to transform the air travel industry in a way that makes their lives and their customers’ lives better.

HUB History

HUB is a new addition to the AccessFares’ family that has been serving the air travel industry for nearly 25 years.  HUB is the result of decades of relationship building and the emergence of new technology. HUB introduces a fully automated experience, allowing travel agents and agencies to maximize productivity, while still getting the “white glove” customer service and support that AccessFares has provided for decades. 

Designed For Travel Agents

HUB was designed for travel agents by travel agents. We know the challenges and obstacles travel agents face, and we wanted to bring solutions that actually work.  Travel agents are always fighting time, so every choice we made during the HUB design had to pass the time test.  We’ve eliminated human error with automation. Our platform is built upon powerful software that has been tested and proven. Our customer service is second to none, and we have 24/7 live help available 365 days a year.

Meet Our Team

HUB’s strength is our team.  By building a diverse and experienced team with individuals from all corners of the globe, we’re able to bring a deep level of knowledge and perspective to every decision we make as a company. Our agents average many years of air ticketing experience and can confidently navigate the complex and quickly changing domestic and international air market. Although our team spans the globe, we stay connected, and our company culture and values are honored by every team member, wherever they are located. 

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